Wordsfinder plug-in to boost WordPress blogs traffic !

WordPress is the most used blog publishing software on the net. It has been downloaded over 2 million times and there are over 1 million active WordPress blogs. Until now the WordPress plug-in community has shown little interest towards SEO. The first innovative SEO plug-in was introduced by Ultimate Tag Warrior which gave bloggers the option of tagging their posts.

Wordsfinder Tags and Metadata generator. has just launched a new SEO plugin that takes care of meta data, x rays web copy , suggests tags and boosts your blog traffic. All intelligently and for free. The WF plug-in is powered by Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Wordsfinder proprietary algorithms. This plug-in optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines in several different ways:

    * It Generates Keywords and tags on the "write and edit post" page.
    * Using AJAX, previews the tags and keywords on the right hand box called keywords.
    * Adds keywords as categories by simply clicking on them, saving you time.
    * Increases your overall SEO pages score with intelligent tagging and metadata.

Wordsfinder keyword generator works from Wordpress 2.3 which now includes tagging support by default, without any plug-in.

Much more than Ultimate Tag Warrior
UTW plug-in only allows users to manage tags manually. It relies on users adding appropriate tags to every single post. What if you have got thousands of posts?  Would you rather assign tags manually or automatically? Have you got that kind of spare time on your hands?

Hook your visitors with intelligent tagging.
Having tags on the bottom of the page, which automatically links to related articles, would generate more page impression and will hook visitors to your site. For example if you have got a fashion blog, using automatically generated tags, you are able to link all your Armani posts to each others in no time.
Customize your keywords

Not happy with Wordsfinder suggestions?
You can add, remove, manipulate any keyword or tag. On the Option page user would be able to limit the amount of tags retrieved by wordsfinder. You are 100% in control. Would you want anything less?

API service
WF keyword generator can be integrated to any blog or web platform by an handy API. So why don’t you develop your own tag generator and suggest it to your clients? Click here

Suitably convinced?

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