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Long Tail Keyword Builder Tool

Our tool would help you in finding Niches for your organic ethical SEO and to get cheaper keywords for your PPC campaigns. It feautres:
- 3 Master keyword lists, e.g. authors, books, titles
- Automatically derives all permutations
- Combines meaning with names

Basic Long Tail Generation Formula:
{a,b}{c,d} {e,f} = a c e, a c f, a d e, a d f, b c e, b c f, b d e, b d f

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eg: video, picture, jpg, mp3
eg: cats, kitten
eg: web, website, blog


What is Long Tails and why it is important for SEO?

The long tail is the hundreds to thousands of keywords and key phrases that a site is found for, yet rarely noticed or exploited.

People tend to focus on the thousands of visitors that come to the site for the most popular terms. Most site managers are very happy to see the numbers increase for those specific terms, and even happier to see those terms consistently ranking well. Conventional thinking applies the 80-20 rule that the top terms provide 80% of the business, but in evaluating multiple sites, this has proved to be the opposite. Wordsfinder tools helps you to combine groups of keywords to get basic long tails permutations.

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