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Duplicate Content Checker and Article Rewrite Comparison

Worried about being penalized for duplicate content? The Duplicate Content Checker checks any text and gives you a duplicate content percentage based on our clever algorithm.

Google penalizes page rank when it determines that content is duplicated by other sites.

If your rankings have slipped then it’s possible that your page contents have been duplicated causing a duplicate content penalty. Google doesn’t want multiple copies of the same content cluttering their results pages so they will devalue all but one of the copies of the content based on the age of the page.

If your site’s position in the search engines has recently plummeted then duplicate content might be the cause or if a competitor is found for text or an article you wrote then you may also have an issue.

No one knows how much duplication can result in a penalty, however if your text is 80% (score = 80) similar to another text, you might be penalized. We have run some tests and we believe anything above 80% could be considered duplicate content.

We have created this tool to help you to understand if your content has issues.

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