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Where To Move For The Fastest Broadband in The UK

Across the UK broadband speeds are reported be on the up. Unsurprisingly, the best broadband speeds are found in the capital and also in a few areas dotted across the country. If you’re wondering how your areas fares you can do a broadband speed test.

Rural Areas Still Suffer From Sluggish Broadband Speeds


In August 2011 the government decided to set aside £365m to improve broadband services in rural parts of England. The aim is to bring superfast broadband to hard-to-reach communities by the year 2015. Although pilot schemes have been controversial, private companies have also stepped in to donate free hardware such as Dongles and MiFi in order to facilitate better access.
Communities have pointed out that it is now hard to run any kind of successful business without high-speed broadband, and that lack of this facility in the area means an impact not only on people’s leisure time but on the economic well being of the area.
Wales, and the North of Scotland are areas with the poorest broadband. Within England, Cumbria is the worst place to be a broadband user. However what Cumbria lacks in high speed internet facilities it more than makes up for with natural beauty – so it’s a fair trade off we think!

Failure To Upgrade By Millions Of Customers Is Holding UK Broadband Services Back.

Despite the fact that speed upgrades to fibre optic cable are almost free across many service providers, a recent Ofcom survey found that only 300,000 customers had signed up for BT’s Infinity fibre service, as one example. Some have speculated that this is due to the financial downturn and that people are forgoing the best internet service as household budgets are squeezed.


So how do we compare with the rest of the world? The UK uptake percentage is 4%, split between the two biggest providers. Compare this to 40% uptake in Japan and 10% in the USA. However, compared to other EU countries we aren’t doing that badly, with Spain and Italy on 2.2% and 1.5% respectively.


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