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Use Google News Sitemap for SEO

Google Sitemap helps speed up the discovery of your pages, an important first step in the article crawling and indexing processes. When you create and submit a News sitemap, you can give Google News more information about your site'sreplique montre pages, such as their publication date and keywords. We especially recommend using a News sitemap if your site has few links to it, is new, has dynamic replica louis vuitton outletcontent, or requires users to follow several links to reach your news content. Note: News sitemaps are specific to Google News. They are different from our web sitemaps. Creating a web sitemap doesn't vuheart help you submit your articles to Google News. A few key differences: 

  • A web sitemap is basically an exhaustive list of all URLs on your site. A News sitemap, on the other hand, is more like an XML version of your live news pages. It should be constantly updated with new content and only containreplica louis vuitton outlet recent news articles.
  • In a News sitemap, you need to include URLs for all your articles, but only from the last three days. You shouldn't include older articles.
  • You shouldn't use the Google Sitemap Generator to create your News sitemap.
  • A News sitemap should contain a few extra annotations for each article -- most importantly, areplica louis vuitton outlet publication date; the date when the article first appears on your site. Please make sure not to set this to the "current" time , since it would result in the wrong dates being displayed on your articles.


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