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Pagerank Crawler by Orchid Box

The headpiece of Orchid Box’s range of SEO tools, the new Pagerank tool enables users to take an ever <a href="">cheap louis vuitton outlet</a>closer look at the inner workings of their site and do some DIY SEO.

The pagerank crawler has a simple and professional interface which on the face of it is very easy to use and understand, and it’s even easier to use. Just by typing in the homepage of your site and choosing the number of links you can get a wealth of <a href="">buy louis vuitton outlet</a>information that is gold dust to SEOs and webmasters alike. You can also specify a filter for the URL, so if you want to get details from a certain area of your site (for example the “books” section or “forums”) you can add the extra filter to root those specific pages out.

The SEO crawler spiders the most important pages of your site first, then crawls deeper into the recesses of your site, and before you know it the results are there. Initially the most obvious, and sometimes most useful, numbers are the Google pageranks of your pages. With these you can determine if your navigation is working as it should and whether the pagerank is diluting too much between your frontpage and the next links (if your homepage has PR6 and a page linked from it has no PR then something is up!). This <a href="">authentic louis vuitton outlet</a>tool is the only of its type that will give you these multiple page ranks in one go. Additional to this is a table containing other such useful info as the number of internal and external of links, page loading times, sizes – all hugely useful for SEOs and webmasters in diagnosing their sites.

There is a further wealth of information looking at the links within these pages below this table, where amongst <a href="">nike air max 1 et</a>other things you can check your 301 redirects and see if there are any rogue 404s on the site.

All in all the Pagerank crawler is a hugely useful tool for even the most casual of website owners, and for no price at all you can solve so many problems on your site without typing in more<a href="">air max pas cher</a> than your homepage address. And it’s all for free – you won’t have to worry about SEO again!

Orchid Box are an expert SEO Agency London, specialising in SEO tools and cutting edge SEO and PPC management.


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