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Open Source SEO tools for everyone

After going to the Future of Web Apps (FOWA), I have taken a very important decision. I am going to open my tools and make them publicly available. In return, I am asking you some help to build better, faster and smarter tools.

Google Analytics does a great job to analyze web traffic once visitors have landed to your site, however it doesn’t tell you anything about your competitors and how well they are doing. It says nothing about your page rank, nor suggests you better and more effective keywords or tracks your online presence.

Sorry to break this news to you, you stand no chance in improving your Google score if you just use an analytic tool! This is why many companies hire SEO agencies to have a hassle-free life.

I am not aware of any SEO companies or professionals that have opened their secret and black magic tools to the world. I believe most of the SEO agencies around, especially in the UK, have developed some in-house tools that allow them to charge clients a large amount of money for the usage of these tools. Most of the time, these SEO marketers have very little knowledge of the Search Engine market.

As I come from a technical background and naturally brought into Search Engine Optimization, as I wanted my sites to score higher on Google, I have developed and scoped tools to help me to do my job more efficiently and effectively. Most of the tools have been developed with the help of some fellow developers and have been inspired by understanding and great clients.

I am not kidding, drop me an email and I will be happy to zip my function.php file and send it to you.Extruder Machine.


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