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Facebook can be used for SEO

Facebook can be used for SEOSince Facebook announced that the contents of your Facebook profile would become searchable in popular search engines like Google, Live and Yahoo, it’s given us all opportunities to market our profiles and make ourselves stand out in search results.

This site shows some simple ways of helping you optimise the information you have in Facebook for search engines. It brings together some common information about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and adds in a bit of flavour for making the information in your Facebook compete well in the major search engines.

Starting last week, you can serve XML sitemaps off domain, and notify search engines about changes on your pages. Naturally, this works better for pages that display content without requiring logins. (this goes back to an earlier post i did discussing how facebook wants apps to be visible without having to actually add the app).

The best way to SEO your Facebook applications for the major search engines is to register your site with appropriate services:

* Google Webmaster Central
* Yahoo! Search Site Explorer
* Live Search Webmaster Center
* Help for Webmasters

News Feed Optimization, on the other hand, is a bit trickier:

  • Like Google’s PageRank algorithms, Facebook’s proprietary “FeedRank” (my term) algorithms determine which Feed items are shown to whom and which items are not.
  • Like Google’s undisclosed PageRank algorithm, the variables that contribute to your Feed item’s FeedRank are unknown to you (and everyone except Facebook).
  • Like companies dependent on their SEO’d Google PageRank, companies dependent on their NFO’d Facebook FeedRank will experience similar trauma when the algorithm unpredictably or inexplicably changes.

Welcome to the new world of NFO–the new SEO for Facebook marketers. Optimizing your product’s News Feed items is the single most important thing you can do as a marketer on Facebook. Not only should Feed items be designed for optimal conversion, but they should also be invoked by your application in ways that will maximize their distribution.




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