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3 Easy Tips on Conducting a Blogger Outreach Campaign

So now we're in 2012, advertising via pop up ads seems “so last year”. More and more businesses are targeting blogger outreach campaigns. Reaching out to bloggers across the web relevant to your target market can be a tricky task but we’ve got some key tips that can make it easy peasy using one simple tool!

1.    Identify your keywords
In order to get precise results throughout your campaign you must be specific when figuring out your keywords. It is beneficial to have as many relevant keywords as possible in order to gain a variety of results that are all specific to your campaign.

2.    Use Outreachr


Outreachr is a tool designed to make discovering, filtering and gathering links from the web an easy and quick process. Outreachr searches sites that rank in Google and displays them within a campaign on a “dashboard”. The tool enables you to organise your campaigns, include as many keywords as you want to encourage the best results as possible. Each campaign will contain a list of results where you are able to click on a site and view it in the same window – a nice simple process!

3.    Contact

So let’s move on to the best bit of Outreachr which is: alongside the results of sites that are displayed there are also contact details – e-mail addresses, Twitter links as well as Facebook links.


With Twitter and Facebook becoming key marketing tools of the modern age it’s particularly handy having them at the click of a button. Outreachr is a really effective method of keeping results all in one place; you can click different options (contacted, partner, negative) so you know who you have successfully contacted as well as remove irrelevant or unresponsive sites from the list.

outreachr So there you have it - The three top tips to conduct a blogger outreach campaign – without all the confusion and hassle!

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