Thinking SEO

Wordsfinder Keyword Estimator is the first API that returns traffic estimations for a give keywords or phase. The tool offers monthly regional search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo!, MSN and ASK. Feel free to integrate it to your CMS or web app.

API Service

The easy REST integration with any system written in any computer language, makes the entire process troubles. Wordfinder is one interface to many services.  Upon calling any service changes, Wordfinder  will change its internal engine, leaving its API with the external world intact.

The Wordsfinder API uses a REST-based interface.  This means that all method calls are made over the internet by sending HTTP POST requests to a REST server.


request URL Yes
user Your API KEY - if you haven't got one apply here Yes
word Place your keyword or phrase here Yes


origin Our url (
keygroup Keyword's data group
keyword Related keywords extracted
total Monthly Search Volume
google Google monthly Estimated
yahoo Yahoo monthly
msn msn monthly Estimated
ask Ask monthly Estimated