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Professional SEO tools for Webmasters and Agencies

Keyword Suggestion and Term Extraction

Highly targeted keywords will bring thousands visitors to your site, no matter whether you sell a product, participate in affiliate program, or provide some kind of online service.

The Keyword Analysis and Extraction tool analyzes the content of a given page and extracts the terms that appear to be targeted at search engines.

Once you're sure of your keyword strength, you can then begin your SEO campaign. Now that you have sure-fire keywords you can start on link building and press releases or other such strategies to boost your overall campaign. 

This tool is available online, via API, via WordPress Plugin, Oscommerce Plugin.


Contextual Advanced Keyword and Keyphrase Extraction

Traffic Estimator

Ideal for keyword research, suggests related keywords and gives you estimation on potential monthly figures. Do your keyword research while you are writing an article or post. Discover Niches You Didn't Know Existed !

This tool is available online and via API.


Page indexation Tracking

How many pages have been indexed in google in the last month. Has my site getting better?

This tool is available online subscription and via API.



Keyword Performance Tracking (SEO analytics)

Great SEO tool for SEO agencies and SEO professionals. The SEO analytics tool tracks how well your website is performing every day against your given keywords on several search engines. This tool is available online subscription and via API.


Long Tail Generator

Ideal for keyword research, and PPC keyword generation. It generates thousands of new keywords based on a powerful permutation algorithm.

It uses the the long tail well know concept to unlock hundreds to thousands of keywords and key phrases rarely noticed or exploited.


Intelligence Alert

Email alert service that monitors you website and keep you informed on competitors or products. You will be "kept-up-to-speed" on news and opinions from around the world in your chosen topics. This is a service you "must have" to demonstrate professional awareness in your chosen topics. It is one of the first intelligence tool available by online subscription .


Popular Keyword (Keyword Trends)

Keyword research tool, it is a mash up pages pulling data from Google trends (since September 2007), Yahoo BOSS, blogpulse, feedster, technorati and blogger. The result is an high relevant page for your search . Use your findings for keyword research for your SEO and Pay per click campaigns.


Duplicate content checker

Worried about being penalized for duplicate content? The Duplicate Content Checker checks any text and gives you a duplicate content percentage based on our clever algorithm.

This tool is available online and via API.

Wordsfinder Algorithm uses the best performing models based on : term frequency, collection frequency, relative position of the first occurrence etc.

Plug-in or Addin

SEO plugin that takes care of meta data, x rays web copy , suggests tags and boosts your blog traffic.

Add tags to your products automatically. Make your product pages more SEO friendly.

Flexible API

Are You Tired Of Wasting Time And Money Searching for the right tags and keywords for all your pages? Subscribe for our 50 EUROS a month Webservice and we would look after your keywords extraction.
If you are an SEO agency you could generate thousands of keywords for your PPC campaigns.
Visit our API page

WordsFinder Web Services brings value to your own online products and services. Apply for an API key.


Increase your ROI Understanding customer behaviour through keyword research.

Keyword research is an essential part of any search engine optimisation project but it is usually done after all the creative work is complete. A concept is created, a look and feel developed, copy written and finally the pages are optimized.
If keyword research is incorporated in the early stages of a web project then not only can this bottleneck be avoided but the quality of the creative work can be improved. Keyword research becomes another valuable way to do market research and make sure that work is market focused. We are a small SEO agency based in London UK. Get in touch if you need any help.

SEO Keywords Analysis and Extraction tools

FREE and unique online tools to help you writing a google (or any search engine) friendly web copy, extract keywords from your site, gather competitors intelligence and help you to create and refine PPC campaigns.

How to combine Analytics and Adwords data to effectively manage your PPC campaigns

We have developed an extremely useful online tool to fight click fraud and refine your campaing keywords. Get in touch to find out more.


Keyword research with our Traffic Estimator tool (new)

We have over 10M keywords and keyphrases in our database. For any given keywords we can suggest you related key phrases and their monthly traffic estimation. How much traffic are you losing simply because you haven't discovered some surprising but powerful keywords? This tool is available via API. You could integrate it to your website or content managememt system and use it to suggest you keywords on-the-fly while you are writing a page.


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